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Bristol Township Candidates

To Serve a Full 4-Year Term

Bristol Township Voters will be able to select 2 of the following 4 candidates to serve a Full 4-Year Term on the Y115 School Board

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Jorge A. Ayala


Professionally, I have academic experience, including as a voluntary assistant to the dual language teacher in 8th grade in 2022, and as an invited professor for summer courses in a University in Mexico. Also, I have worked in international companies and worked closely with research and development groups in Asia, Latin America, Europe and the US. That experience has made me aware of the importance of understanding and accepting diversity, which is an increasingly important component in the education of our children.

In the past 5 years, I have attended over 50% of school board meetings or school board committee meetings. This has provided me with a detailed knowledge of how the school board works and of the issues that affect and will affect the school district. Also, I have participated in multiple committees directly related to the District, among them: Member of the Yorkville Bilingual Parents Advisory Council, serving two terms as secretary and  president of the board , respectively, completing 8 years of service. Currently serving as Vice Chair of the Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) of the D115 School District of Yorkville where I have been a member for 8 years. I have been a core member of the Evolution 115 committee, which has analyzed the state of our facilities and proposed plans for modifications to accommodate further growth and novel educational practices. This has been part of the Strategic Plan of the district. 

Currently, I am serving as a member of the Park Board (Parks & Recreation Department) of the United City of Yorkville. I am also a member of the Pathways Oversight Committee of the D115 School District, which is developing the implementation of the program that will allow graduating high school students to receive the College and Career Pathway Endorsement from the State of Illinois. I am also participating in the Multilingual Mission and Vision Focus Group as part of the development of a comprehensive plan for the bilingual program in the D115 School District.

I have been a Yorkville resident for 17 years. My son Alejandro is a freshman at Yorkville High School and my wife, Marcia, is President of Aurora Specialty Textiles based in Yorkville. Aurora hosts students from YHS Field Experience program.

What Called You to Run for School Board?

I am running for the CUSD 115 Board of Education because I am passionate about providing Yorkville children the best possible education, an education that will prepare them for their life after high school in a diverse society.

Also, I am the candidate that is best prepared to be in the school board due to my knowledge of the work being done by the current board, and my relationship with the school administrators, teachers and involved families in the district.

In addition, this election is one of the most consequential elections in over 10 or 15 years. Four out of seven positions at the school board are open and with the current social environment it is quite possible that some people that may be elected may attempt to modify current policies that protect equality and inclusion, and academic freedom. This has to be prevented as much as possible.

Policy Goals for Elected Term:

1. Equity.

We must strive to provide every student, without exception, with equal access to resources and opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge that will prepare the students to be successful in their life after high school.

2. Growth

The district is growing and this may have to be addressed very soon, in a responsible manner. The district has taken some measures to free spaces in the current Elementary Schools. However, the current growth will most likely demand the construction of additional facilities. This needs to be supported but also carefully monitored to avoid budgeting problems in the future.

3. Teacher Retention.

It is clear, from the turnover of teachers in the district, particularly in some programs, that teacher retention is a problem. This may be a reflection of not having an adequate pay scale or not having the proper level of support form the administration, or both. 

I will advocate for having a better pay scale for the teachers, without incurring a detrimental effect on the healthy fiscal situation of our district. Also, it is important to provide teachers with the resources they need, including opportunities for professional development.

4. Promote open and constructive debate of diverse points of view, where all opinions are respected, listened to and valued.

Other Congressional Townships

To Serve a Full 4-Year Term

Voters in the remaining congressional townships will be able to select 1 of the following 3 candidates to serve a Full 4-Year Term on the Y115 School Board

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Molly Gerke



I have over 15 years experience in the classroom as a former Paraprofessional and Special Education Teacher, and I am currently a full-time Substitute Teacher and Special Education Consultant. I was an active member of the union while working as a teacher. I have worked with several different age levels across numerous school districts. I understand the inner workings of school buildings from an employee perspective and a parent perspective.

Yorkville District 115 is a growing community. I believe it is important to continually assess policies and instruction to ensure we are providing the best education for the students of 115. As a board member I will consistently watch as situations in our district change and help draft policies to address these changes through open dialogue and discussion.

What Called You to Run for School Board?

I am running for school board to serve my community in a capacity that is worthwhile, supporting our teachers and staff, and ensuring the students of 115 receive an exceptional education in a safe and welcoming environment. Being a parent of three children in a wide age range (K-11th grade) gives me the unique opportunity to have interaction with several different buildings and staff within the district. My oldest daughter has attended Y115 schools since First Grade and has been involved in 115 athletics since 5th grade. I am invested in this community and this school district and want to ensure not only my children, but all students have access to an equitable education that meets their needs, challenges them, and prepares them for entering the workforce or continuing their education at the post-secondary level.

Policy Goals for Elected Term:

I would like to see Y115 refocus on the basics of education; focusing less on test scores and more on creating life-long learners. It is important to make sure we are setting our students up for success, providing them a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning, and preparing all of them for a bright future.


Effectiveness and Transparency: Effective school boards have a collaborative relationship with both community and staff. They establish a strong communication structure that informs and engages both internal and external stakeholders in setting and accomplishing goals. This not only helps strengthen our school community by allowing parents to see what is happening, but it also provides needed support for students.


Budgeting: We need to be sure we are putting money in the right places, providing the best possible education and opportunities for every student.


Continuing to hire and retain quality educators: In order to attract and maintain excellent teachers, there needs to be a healthy working environment. Effective teachers improve quality education through hands-on learning, guided practice, questioning, problem solving, and constructive feedback. --Things to think about: Promoting positive team connections and relationships that help create a supportive work environment, making sure teachers and staff are given a voice and are comfortable using that voice. Encouraging both personal and professional development.

Other Congressional Townships

To Serve an Unexpired 2-Year Term

Voters in the remaining congressional townships will be able to select 1 candidate serve an Unexpired 2-Year Term on the Y115 School Board

Mike Knoll


28 years of teaching in Indian Prairie School District 204, and a Masters in Education.

I am looking forward to making a difference in the lives of the students of Yorkville District 115.

What Called You to Run for School Board?

Running for School Board is an opportunity for me to stand up for my three children and follow the lead left by my Father-in-Law, who was a school board member in Morris.

Policy Goals for Elected Term:

Continue the path the School Board has paved over the past several years during a very difficult time to make decisions. I plan on listening, asking questions, and using my experiences and knowledge to determine the best way way forward.

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